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LTPD program

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LTPD (Long Term Player Development)

LTPD is a program for soccer player development, training, competition, and recovery based on biological age (i.e. physical maturity) rather than chronological age. It is player centred, coach driven, and administration, sport science, and sponsor supported. LTPD: Eliminates gaps in the player development system. Guides planning for optimal athlete performance at all stages. Provides a…

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Coaching Workshop

Coaching on a weekly basis is often a challenging role fettered with responsibilities when the goal is to continually develop our youth in the game of soccer in a constantly changing landscape. I’m sure we can all remember our sports coaches growing up especially for those who participated competitively as well as recreationally. What we…

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Soccerobics Classes

Most soccer fans recognize a talented player fairly quickly. Even non-soccer fans can pick up which players on the field seem to be talented in a short amount of time. But what underlying foundation do all talented soccer players possess? The touch on the soccer ball. Whether the touch on the ball is a pass,…

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