Our Philosophy

Club Philosophy

The Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club's primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive soccer experience for the player, coach, referee, and parent.
For players, the emphasis will be on the development of each and every player so that their experience with the Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club will encourage them to continue their participation in soccer with renewed/continued enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment.


Coaching Philosophy

Our coaches are key representatives of the Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club and, as such, need to present the club's mission, vision and values.
When delivering for Edmonton Strikers, coaches should be player-centered. This means that, for a coach, he/she is “their coach” rather than the boys/girls being “my players.”
Coaches are there to facilitate player development. Edmonton Strikers is not a ‘win at all costs’ club. This is not to say that there is no value in winning, but rather that with high quality coaching, the winning will take care of itself. That means that coaches need to foster individual excellence before making a winning team.