About Us

The Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club has been operating as a not for profit organization since 1980, and are proud to be part of the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA). https://www.emsamain.com

Our program is a supportive and inclusive environment dedicated towards helping all players achieve their potential.  Most importantly our goal is to keep our program 'player' focused. 

The Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club subscribes to the Long Term Player Development (LPTD) Model.

LTPD is a program for soccer development, training, competition and recovery based on biological age (physical maturity) rather than chronological age. It is a player-focused, coach-driven program that is supported by administration, sport science and sponsors alike.

The LTPD  model: 

  1. eliminates gaps in the player development system;
  2. guides planning for optimal athlete performance at all stages;
  3. provides a framework for program alignment and integration;
  4. follows scientific principles and practical coaching experiences.


Parent and player benefits of this model include:

  • Better understanding of what makes a good soccer program
  • More players learning at their level and having fun
  • Appropriate game and league structures (e.g. size of balls, goals, fields, etc.)
  • More opportunity for players to realize their athletic potential
  • More coaches who are knowledgeable in leading safe, effective practices


What We Offer:

  • EMSA Club Soccer
  • Technical Training
  • Provincial Licensed Coaches
  • Canada Soccer Licensed Coaches (Under the new CSA Child/Youth License Program)
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Tournament Allowance (up to $500 per team per season based on board approval)
  • Affordable Club Fees
  • 40 Years of Soccer Excellence
  • Dedicated coaches and support staff


Club Philosophy:

The Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club's primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive soccer experience for the player, coach, referee, and parent.
For players, the emphasis will be on the development of each and every player so that their experience with the Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club will encourage them to continue their participation in soccer with renewed/continued enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment.


Coaching Philosophy:

Our coaches are key representatives of the Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club and, as such, need to present the club's mission, vision and values.
When delivering for Edmonton Strikers, coaches should be player-centered. This means that, for a coach, he/she is “their coach” rather than the boys/girls being “my players.”
Coaches are there to facilitate player development. Edmonton Strikers is not a ‘win at all costs’ club. This is not to say that there is no value in winning, but rather that with high quality coaching, the winning will take care of itself. That means that coaches need to foster individual excellence before making a winning team.


Our Mission:

The Mission of Edmonton Strikers Soccer club is to create, develop and grow the skills, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game of soccer. We are also committed to developing coaches to the highest level through a quality instructional and certification program.


Our Vision:

Our coaches and Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club strive to be recognized as a model organization, providing the best in soccer developmental programs for all skill levels, from competitive to elite high-performance players. We want to be in the business of granting Opportunities, not in the business of persuasion.


Our Values:

Our coaches must ensure that, through their efforts, Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club is able to:

  • Demonstrate respect, honesty, and integrity between coaches, players and parents.
  • Conduct itself in a fair, credible, and trustworthy manner.
  • Maintaining the club's focus and priorities as it pertains to player development and participation and encouraging the parents to do the same.
  • Pursue excellence in its programs and operations.
  • Promote safety for all its participants.
  • Instill a love and respect for all aspects of the game.
  • Promote and encourage high standards of sportsmanship and fair play.

Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club

P.O. Box 31077

Edmonton AB  T5Z 3L0