Most soccer fans recognize a talented player fairly quickly. Even non-soccer fans can pick up which players on the field seem to be talented in a short amount of time. But what underlying foundation do all talented soccer players possess?
The touch on the soccer ball.
Whether the touch on the ball is a pass, shot, dribble, trap, or tackle; they are all touches. Every part of the game revolves around touch work with the ball. Granted, athleticism is the heart of any sport and all physical attributes play a major role in soccer.
Often, players or coaches wonder why a very talented athlete has trouble “finding his feet” on the soccer field.
The skill work is just as important as the physical attributes.
Great coaches who realize this foundation and value of a great touch on the ball will start training players early on. So how do coaches improve the touch on the soccer ball of their players?
Simple: repetition, repetition, repetition.

“Practicing perfection by 10,000 touches
To keep up with their Dutch compatriots, young English players should adopt the habit of kicking a ball 10,000 times every day…”

The Guardian

Great European youth academies have been using this method for years. The high success rate of European football (soccer) players that revolve around the youth academies speak for itself.
Capital-SP have adopted a singular approach to this method by offering this specific training as an individual class. The sessions are approximately an hour long with plenty of breaks. They include high intensity, high precision and high repetition drills that serve to stimulate muscle memory. Thus over time improving all aspects of ball control at a faster rate. A participant in a regular session alone is likely to meet the “5000 touches” mark. Classes vary on difficulty dependant on participants. However, we do maintain a 25 step achievement approach that will help ascertain an individuals progress and goals.