Coaching on a weekly basis is often a challenging role fettered with responsibilities when the goal is to continually develop our youth in the game of soccer in a constantly changing landscape. I’m sure we can all remember our sports coaches growing up especially for those who participated competitively as well as recreationally. What we do and how we do it have life altering effects on the kids we interact with, so it’s not a role to be taken lightly and should be looked at as a great responsibility. What more can we do to insure that those kids who put their faith, trust and expectations in us to do the best we can to help provide the opportunities for a successful future in their chosen sport.

The goal of this workshop is to examine the challenges and solutions to coaching weekly in todays environment. Some of the must do’s and don’t do’s while still providing a level of development that will continually advance multiple players growth simultaneously in the game of soccer while in your charge.

Questions like how to prepare sessions in accordance to your teams recent performances. How to adapt them to your squad makeup and numbers while keeping them flexible for potential last minute unforeseen circumstances like squad absences. (Especially prevalent in the current climate). Real world expectations and limitations, what can/should we be expecting to teach the kids we coach without compromising their development.

Course duration: 6 weeks (x6 sessions Theory and practical)

A coaching workshop designed to be supplementary for those individuals licensed or intending to be so through Canada/Alberta Soccer, while being a veritable toolbox of information and guidance for all parties who want to coach.